an inspector calls responsibility essay

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In An Inspector Calls, the central theme is responsibility. Priestley is interested in our personal responsibility for our own actions and our collective responsibility to society. The play explores the effect of class, age and sex on people's attitudes to responsibility, and shows how prejudice can prevent people from acting
How is the theme of social responsibility shown in the play? In An Inspector Calls, Priestley explores social responsibility through: the treatment of Eva Smith; how each character does or doesn't take responsibility for their behaviour; the Inspector's lessons
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"We are members of one body, we are responsible for each other" This is the sentence taken from the Inspector's last speech and I think that it sums up exactly what Priestley was trying to ... Priestley is very effective in using the Inspector to voice the view of responsibility most strongly. ... Related GCSE J.B. Priestley essays.
The play "An Inspector Calls" by J.B. Priestley is set in the midst of the turbulent class struggles of pre-First World War Britain. Specifically ... The writer uses stage directions and character interactions to tell us that they are important people and hold much social responsibility. This is ... Related GCSE J.B. Priestley essays.
An Inspector Calls "We don't live alone. We are all members of one body. We are responsible for each other." What is Priestley's main aim in `An inspector calls`? How successfully does he achieve it. In `An inspector calls` by J.B Priestley, the writers aim is reflected into this quote, "We don't live alone. We are all members of
Free Essay: He believes that world wars are a waste of money and there?s nothing to gain from them. Only the lower classes could agree to them. Arthur...
Free Essay: Priestly's detective play is very different from the other detective plays. Priestly did some things similar, such as the inspector comes and ask...
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