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Theme of in An Inspector Calls GCSE Revison: OxNotes.
Priestley mainly uses the characters in the play to present his views, especially Mr and Mrs Birling, to present his ideas about class and society. In the Birling family, Mrs Birling is the most upper class, and is always referring to the lower class female factory workers such as Eva Smith as 'girls of that class'. She seems to think
In 'An Inspector Calls', J. B. Priestley reveals the flaws of society and the darker side of capitalism as well as the bias of class and social status. As a firm believer in the concepts of socialism, he uses this play to expose society's poor attitudes to the working class of the period. This play focuses on the Birlings, a rich, upper
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Free Essay: The Importance of Social Class as Theme in An Inspector Calls Why is social class an important theme in the play? The Middle Class, which is...
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